Wednesday, May 4, 2011

BBC Women's Ride

Since CycleFit is over for the semester and it was sunny (but chilly), I decided I'd ride with the BBC Women's group. We did the Airport ride, which heads out to the west of town. Here are the numbers:

Time: 1:22:34

Distance: 18.886 miles

Average Speed: 13.7 mph

Max Speed: 36.8 mph

Calories Burned: 620.8

Fat Burned: 70.7 g

Whew, those ladies are fast! We were a group of five and I pretty much brought up the rear. I don't want to make excuses, but I was sort of tired today. It's been a long week of not sleeping well and vomiting due to reproductive issues (no, I'm not pregnant!) and I definitely did not eat enough today to tackle that ride. Plus it was really chilly and sort of windy, which made my nose run so it was difficult to breathe. I thought I did pretty well though and maintained 15-17 mph easy on the flats and 6-7 mph uphill. I thought I was a pretty good climber, but they beat me on the hills no problem. At a stop I asked them how they go so fast up the hills. They were surprised I could even keep them in my sights since my bike is apparently a beast with it's knobby cyclocross tires and the fact that they all were wearing clipless pedals and I was wearing running shoes. So I don't feel so discouraged. And...

I got my own clipless pedals today! I ordered the Keen Commuter II sandal from REI over the weekend (with a 20% off coupon from my awesome friend!) and wasn't expecting them until tomorrow. Lucky me, they were sitting on the porch when I got home. So now I've fiddled with them and I think I have them situated. I practiced a bit and now I can try them out and just hope I don't fall! Next time I will be keeping up with those ladies on the hills!

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