Saturday, May 28, 2011

Leisurely Ride

At least I thought it was mostly leisurely, but turns out I went fairly fast!

Time: 1:45:00

Distance: 25.192 miles

Average Speed: 14.3 mph

Max Speed: 36.7 mph

Calories Burned: 857.4

Fat Burned: 99.3 g

I more or less followed this route, excluding directions to my house. Sorry, Internets, you'll have to work harder than that to figure out where I live!

I really recommend this route. It had pretty nice roads (WAY nicer than yesterday's roads!) and some pretty great scenery. Beautiful houses, a golf course, Lake Monroe. I saw an awesome red-winged blackbird and the cardinals this year are quite vibrant. I stopped at a pretty cool RV campground because I accidentally missed a turn and had to check the map. There were tons of kids jumping on one of those giant air pillow things. I totally wanted to join them; they looked like they were having a blast.

In bike news, I adjusted my seat closer to what I had it at before Anne's visit. It felt much better, more natural. Still super excited about my bike fit on Thursday though. My hands and shoulders still hurt a bit, but I do feel that the gloves are helping. I think maybe my new tires are faster :) but I'm super paranoid about the air pressure now. I don't know why I expect tires I changed to be so incompetent, but I'm worried about pinch flats. It's just way harder to guesstimate the air pressure by feel when it's so high! (New tires optimal range of 95-100 psi compared to the "old" tires at 75 psi.) I hope the floor pump I ordered gets here soon so I can stop worrying!

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