Saturday, May 7, 2011


Rode my bike to the gym to do Week 3 Day 3 of Couch to 5K then home again. Had to be really careful around campus as today is graduation and there are a lot of out-of-towner pedestrian types walking about. Here are the round trip numbers:

Time: 58:07

Distance: 12.444 miles

Average Speed: 12.8 mph

Max Speed: 31.6 mph

Calories Burned: 406.0

Fat Burned: 43.7 g

I wore my new Keen Commuter II sandals. I did really well the whole way there with clipping in and unclipping to stop. Until I actually got to the gym, forgot to unclip in the parking lot, and performed my first ever dreaded slow fall. It didn't hurt at all, but my chain fell off and it scratched my nice Brooks saddle which made me angry. At least it wasn't on the drive train side. And the anger over the scratch on my saddle made me run harder.

I think it's about time to get a professional bike fit.

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