Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Health Screening

So this post isn't really a Ride Report, but it's tangentially related.

I opted to get this health screening thing as part of my insurance to hopefully lower the amount they take from my paycheck. It was a pretty easy height, weight, blood pressure deal and they took some blood for tests.

So I'm 5'5" and a lady never tells how much she weighs. But my BMI was 25.6, which is just over the healthy range of 25 into overweight. My blood pressure was 110/70, which is around where it normally hangs out. I just got my blood test results back and I'm slightly concerned. My glucose, triglycerides, HDL (good cholesterol), and total cholesterol/HDL levels are all fine. My cholesterol is right at the top of the reference range given, but my LDL (bad cholesterol) is high at 129 compared to the reference range of 0-100 mg/dL. Wikipedia lists that as barely in the near optimal range but at a higher chance of developing cardiovascular disease.

I'm putting this here to serve as a goal to get these numbers in better shape. Which riding my bike will help with.

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